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KSI’s Logan Paul diss track includes Avengers, Clockwork Orange and Shining references

It’s one of the best YouTube diss tracks

KSI’s long-awaited Logan Paul diss track has arrived and, sporting an impressive Infinity Gauntlet and an array of horror movie references, it’s one of the best diss tracks to date.

The video is called “On Point,” and acts as a five-minute takedown of Paul’s entire character. It’s the final hurrah KSI is set to release before his highly anticipated amateur boxing match with Paul in Manchester.

KSI’s video starts with Paul leaving a forest, laughing with his friends, and ends with KSI snapping his fingers, using the Infinity Gauntlet to turn Paul into dust. There are almost too many references too count, and many are intricate nods to past YouTube drama that are difficult to pick up on unless people are clued into the YouTube community’s daily stories.

Still, the highlight of the video is KSI confronting a kneeling Paul, and recreating his take on Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos.

Heading into the fight, the video perpetuates the character KSI’s painted for himself. He’s the all-powerful, misunderstood villain who wants to fight for justice on YouTube. That means defeating Paul, easily one of the most loathed creators on the platform following past controversies. Framing himself as Thanos is intentional. Thanos used his fist to accomplish his goal; KSI will look to do the same when he steps into the boxing ring with Paul.

Look at how KSI’s Thanos enters the scene. Paul is already on the ground, scared. KSI is this all powerful being, stepping out of an ominous portal with a nefarious smirk on his face.

By the time that KSI finally catches up to Paul, the latter is begging for KSI to take pity and let him go. KSI is in control of the situation.

KSI and Paul’s fight is built on this interesting relationship. KSI was the one who called Paul out and challenged him to a fight in February, following Paul’s troubles with YouTube after posting a video in January that featured the body of a man who committed suicide. Paul became the most talked-about creator for entirely abhorrent reasons, and that led to KSI’s challenge. The past eight months have featured a consistent back-and-forth between KSI and Paul (as well as their respective younger brothers, Deji and Jake Paul, who are also competing in a fight) as they prepare for this final showdown.

This most recent diss track is just a last show of power — a hype track for fans in KSI’s camp — before they both go head-to-head.

Diss tracks are a YouTube staple, but this is by far the most elaborate. There are references to The Shining and A Clockwork Orange that are nearly as impressive as KSI’s Infinity War tribute.

Again, there are a plethora of more intricate YouTube references (including digs at Jake Paul’s Team 10 and Logan’s friends), but it’s these tributes that are truly remarkable.

There are questions over whether Paul will respond. He was a major proponent of YouTube’s diss track culture in 2017 alongside his brother Jake, RiceGum and KSI. It’s unlikely, though, considering a recent interview Paul gave YouTuber Casey Neistat about his attitude toward all the pre-fight theatrics.

“It’s the new Logan Paul,” Paul said. “I have no interest in bantering back and forth with someone who is the exact person I’m not trying to become by degrading women, by going after my family in a manner that is intended to harm. My goal here is to beat him, not talk about how I’m going to beat him or talk about his family or say what I’m going do to his girlfriend; the goal is to win a fight. I was over it as soon as I walked into the press conference.”

His brother, Jake, apparently didn’t get the message. He recently published his own diss track aimed at KSI’s brother, Deji.

Logan Paul and KSI will fight each other on Aug. 25 at 2 p.m. ET. The fight will be available to stream on YouTube.

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