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Far Cry 5’s final zany adventure finds a way to get zombies into Montana

Third premium DLC adventure connects players with D-list director Guy Marvel

Far Cry 5’s third and last premium expansion, Dead Living Zombies, will launch Aug. 28, Ubisoft announced today. Dead Living Zombies promises “over-the-top zombie experiences” starring Guy Marvel, the schlocky director who is found filming Blood Dragon 3 in the main game.

Dead Living Zombies is, as you can see in the trailer above, basically a vehicle to introduce undead adversaries into the game’s world of Hope County, Montana — which, in Far Cry 5, was beset by cultists but no actual zombies. Players will take on seven unique film scenarios being pitched by Marvel, so this is an alternate-universe encounter, like the two adventures preceding it. The maps, Ubisoft said, were built in the Far Cry Arcade Editor, which is part of Far Cry Arcade, the custom level-making suite accessed from the main menu.

Dead Living Zombies wraps the schedule of premium DLC promised since Far Cry 5’s launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One in late March. Hours of Darkness, the first, launched in June and took players back in time to the Vietnam War. Lost on Mars, per its title, sent players to the Red Planet for a campy, sci-fi adventure back in July. All of the expansions come with new weapons and items specific to that locale.

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