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Nintendo drops three indie surprises on eShop, with a dozen more to come

A streak of Nindies add plenty to Nintendo’s fall and winter lineups

Nintendo held its semi-annual Indie Highlights — or “Nindies” — presentation earlier today, just ahead of Gamescom 2018, showcasing 15 different games that are coming to Switch between now and 2019. That list includes three previously announced games that are available right now, heading up a surprise eShop update for Switch fans worldwide.

Those games include Bad North, an action-roguelike with a strangely adorable aesthetic, considering you’re protecting your island kingdom from legions of invaders:

Then there’s Morphies Law, a third-person, multiplayer shooter that caught us by surprise at E3 2016 because of its extremely weird premise: Instead of killing your opponents, your gun makes whichever body part your bullets hit grow bigger. Eventually, your body will be so big and lopsided that you’ll die. (It goes live on eShop at 1 p.m. ET.)

And Switch also gets Prison Architect today, adding another platform to the cult-favorite management sim:

As for the games to come, there are several highlights. We’re excited for The Gardens Between, a puzzle game set in a fantastical version of an otherwise everyday garden. It’s launching on Switch (as well as Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC) Sept. 20:

Not only is the recent port of SNK’s frisbee-themed arcade game Windjammers heading to Switch, but so is its just-revealed sequel, Windjammers 2. Windjammers arrives Oct. 23 on Switch, while its sequel will be out sometime in 2019:

The rest of the list is below; we’re going to also call out Baba is You, a fantastic puzzle game that’s coming to Switch in the fall, and Terraria, the adventure sandbox game that’s basically available on every platform in existence, including Switch as of 2019. The entire Nindies presentation includes footage of each of these games, and you can watch that up top:

  • Bad North — out now
  • Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition — out now
  • Morphies Law — out now
  • The Gardens Between — Sept. 20
  • Windjammers — Oct. 23
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom — Nov. 6
  • This War of Mine — November 2018
  • Beat Cop — fall 2018
  • Moonlighter — fall 2018
  • Baba Is You — fall 2018
  • Everspace: Stellar Edition — December 2018
  • Streets of Rogue — winter 2018
  • Night Call — early 2019
  • Children of Morta — early 2019
  • Slay the Spire — early 2019
  • Windjammers 2 — 2019
  • Terraria — 2019

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