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Life is Strange 2 trailer introduces its tale of two brothers

Our first full look at the next game in the Life is Strange universe

Several abstract teasers have hinted at what to expect from Life is Strange 2, but now we’ve gotten our first actual look at the game. Developer Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix released a full-length trailer for the sequel to 2015’s beloved supernatural, episodic game.

Unlike the previous set of episodes, Life is Strange 2 will focus on two boys: brothers Sean Diaz and Daniel Diaz. Sean is 16, closer to the age of our original protagonists; meanwhile, Daniel is only nine. After Sean gets in trouble with the cops in their southern Seattle home, he takes Daniel with him as they escape to Mexico. The older brother will have to focus on protecting his brother from the wilderness, even as memories of his fatal tussle with the police keep coming back.

Players will use mysterious powers to uncover Sean’s secrets and take care of Daniel along the way. Choices hold massive weight, as they did in Life is Strange; this adventure game’s storyline changes based on the decisions you make. Other features unique to the sequel will be shown off in the weeks ahead.

Expect more story connections to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a free download and prelude to Life is Strange 2 released in June, than to the first Life is Strange. While they all take place in a share universe, Life is Strange’s Arcadia Bay is now relegated to a footnote, as are the game’s leads Chloe and Max.

Life is Strange 2 will run for five episodes, the first of which will launch on Sept. 27. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, and save data from Captain Spirit will transfer over.