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PUBG for Xbox One leaves early access on Sept. 4

And Xbox players will get their first look at Sanhok to celebrate

PUBG Corp.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One is finally exiting early access, developer PUBG Corp. announced during the Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox. The game will enter its full release on Sept. 4.

The game’s official release will also come with the addition of a few new features, previously only available to PUBG players on PC. The first of these is the addition of Sanhok to the Xbox One version of the game. While it’s unclear if the 1.0 update of PUBG on Xbox will fully release the map, or simply allow players to test it, this will be the first time Sanhok is available to Xbox players.

Also coming to PUBG on Xbox One with its full release is the popular War Mode, a favorite for players on PC. The mode combines the classic battle royale of PUBG with traditional team deathmatch mechanics, like respawning. This makes for a faster experience that still maintains the looting and survival aspects players have come to expect from PUBG.

Finally, the full release of PUBG on Xbox One will also include a purchasable in-game currency that can be used to unlock cosmetics. While details are still sparse on what these cosmetics will be, PUBG Corp. did announce that the Event Pass: Sanhok, which includes several cosmetics to celebrate the debut of the new map, will be coming to Xbox One.

While entering its 1.0 phase will mean that PUBG has been officially released on Xbox One, it doesn’t mean that the game is finished receiving updates on consoles. In fact, the developers promised to “continue to enhance the game and deliver new content to Xbox players.”

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