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5 things to know from Fortnite patch v5.30

The new Rift-To-Go item could completely change how you think about fights in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Rift-To-Go item Epic Games
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Fortnite’s newest patch is here, and it’s bringing with it a few big changes, including a new area on the map and one of the most powerful pieces of equipment ever added to the game.

The marquee change of patch v5.30 is the brand new Rift-To-Go, which allows players to create their own escape routes from just about any situation imaginable. Also new in this patch is the Tomato Temple area on the map, which appears to add an entirely new type of environment to Fortnite.

But don’t worry, this patch isn’t all new stuff. There are also a few meaningful bug fixes and balance chances, just like in every patch. For instance, Clingers will now only explode when their timer runs out, instead of when the wall they were attached to explodes. This patch also adds a new limited time mode as well as a few more ATKs to Playground Mode, if making race tracks and stunt maps is more your thing.

For a full look at all the changes made in Fortnite’s patch v5.30, you can check out our patch notes.

Rift-To-Go lets you make rifts wherever you want

Arriving with the beginning of Season 5, rifts have been one of the single biggest changes Epic has introduced to Fortnite. They give players the ability to spend less time worrying about getting to the zone, and can even allow them to avoid combat with enemies simply by hopping in a rift and gliding away. And now, players can make their own, thanks to the new Rift-To-Go item.

This new item is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a grenade that makes a rift wherever it’s thrown. The rift that it opens will stick around for 10 seconds, allowing anyone to throw themselves through. These items are going to be epic rarity and will be lootable from chests, vending machines, supply drops and loot llamas.

Fortnite - guy lying in field with coins and treasure chest Image: Epic Games

Score Royale LTM changes the way you win

With all the changes that have happened around Fortnite, the one thing that stayed consistent was what it meant to win a game: Be the last person standing at the end. Now, Epic is throwing everyone a curve ball with this new limited time mode called Score Royale. Rather than simply needing to survive the match, in this mode you get points for everything you do; the player with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you get points for in the new mode:

  • Winning Score (Solo) - 2000
  • Winning Score (Duos) - 3000
  • Winning Score (Squads) - 4500
  • Use an Apple or Mushroom - 10
  • Open an Ammo Box - 25
  • Open a Llama - 50
  • Open a Supply Drop - 100
  • Eliminate an Enemy - 100
  • Open a Treasure Chest - 50
  • Find a Bronze Coin - 30
  • Find a Silver Coin - 50
  • Find a Gold Coin - 100

Tomato Temple is the map’s newest area

It would appear that the old Tomato Town we all knew and loved is gone for good, in its place now rests Tomato Temple. This giant temple appears to have been built in honor of some kind of tomato-headed god which, according to leaks, should be headed to the store soon as a new skin.

The Road Trip challenge skin will be available this week

Speaking of skins, the Season 5 Road Trip challenge is about to come to an end with the release of week seven’s challenges on Friday. Once those challenges are out, players will have everything they need to unlock the new legendary skin, whatever it may be.

Fortnite Battle Royale - firing from steps Image: Epic Games

The pump shotgun is now a little faster

The pump shotgun has been the target of more than its fair share of nerfs over the last several months. From damage to spread to only letting you use one in your inventory at a time, each change has chipped away at Fortnite’s most iconic weapon. But no change hurt the pump shotgun so much as the pullout speed nerf, which added a brief delay when attempting to equip it. Thankfully, in patch 5.30, Epic has started to slowly roll that change back by increasing the pullout speed of the pump shotgun. It doesn’t seem quite as fast as it once was, but it’s certainly a good start.

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