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Bungie details Destiny 2: Forsaken post-launch plans in new ViDoc

New annual pass will unlock content gradually to eliminate drought

Bungie has outlined what the future of Destiny 2 looks like in a new Forsaken Launch ViDoc.

The brief video introduces the three content updates that will come over the next year as well as which events will be available for free or will be included in the game’s annual pass. More than anything else, design director Justin Truman wants players to know that “the main thing we want to change with the year two of destiny is that there’s never a content drought.”

Destiny 2’s Year Two is broken down into seasons, each of which will feature its own content. “Season of the Outlaw” is the first season. It will kick off with the launch of Destiny’s new Forsaken expansion on Sept. 4. “Season of the Outlaw” is season 4 of Destiny 2, and it starts off with the campaign of Forsaken and the Gambit multiplayer mode. The second week of the season unlocks the biggest challenge: the new raid.

Also arriving with Forsaken’s launch are Triumphs, a brand new goal for players to work toward. Triumphs are difficult and time consuming challenges, which unlock titles that players can then display around other players. Think of it like showing off a reward reserved for the most dedicated Destiny fans, according to Bungie.

Ikora stands in the Tower in Destiny 2, staring up at the Traveler
Destiny 2
Image: Bungie

The annual pass is changing a bit, too. Rather than simply unlocking entire expansions on a specific day, like it did for Year One, Bungie is planning to role out new Destiny 2: Forsaken content updates slowly over the course of each season they belong to. Content that players gradually unlock from the expansions will only be available for annual pass owners. The seasons themselves, however, and the changes they bring to the game, like new weapons or multiplayer modes, will be available to all Destiny 2 owners.

Bungie was also able to shed a little light on content updates on the way with each new season of Destiny 2. Black Armory is the first update. It will be released throughout December. This update features a new raid layer, but is mostly focused around loot, giving players access to vast stores of weapons and new armor. The next release is Joker’s Wild, and that will be release in Spring 2019. Joker’s Wild centers around changes to Gambit mode. Penumbra is the third content update, and will be available in Summer 2019. Penumbra will feature new loot and a new raid layer, but Bungie is going to keep everything else a mystery in hopes of letting players discover it on their own.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is aiming to give players a constant stream of content. Based on all this content, and Bungie’s new gradual release plan, the developer wants to make sure there’s always something players can work toward.

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