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White Xbox Elite controller and Xbox One X are coming to stores

New color options for the popular gamepad and console

A new, white version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, Microsoft’s official high-end gamepad for the Xbox One, hits retail this fall, the company announced Wednesday. It’s joined by a white console as well: the “robot white”-edition Xbox One X, sold exclusively as part of a bundle with Fallout 76.

The white controller will be the first new color option available for the Elite controller, which was released in October 2015 for $149.99. When the white edition launches on Oct. 16, it will also cost $149.99.

For a while after its debut, the controller was in short supply because Microsoft had not anticipated the level of demand from customers. Photos of a rumored successor to the Elite controller leaked back in January, but Microsoft merely refers to the white Elite as a color swap and not a new accessory altogether. (It still uses AA batteries, for example.)

As for the hardware, the white Xbox One X comes to stores on Nov. 14. For $499.99, buyers will receive the special-edition hardware, as well as a downloadable copy of Fallout 76. Bethesda Softworks is releasing the game that same day, and the company guarantees access to the game’s upcoming beta to those who pre-order the bundle.

Wednesday’s news follows Microsoft’s tease in July of “new Xbox One bundles and accessories” to be announced at Gamescom. Instead of introducing new hardware during the event, however, the company revealed four different Xbox One X bundles that will go on sale throughout the fall.

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