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Big Mouth’s gigantic hormone monsters return in season 2 trailer

Netflix’s animated series returns Oct. 5 for a new season

Big Mouth, Netflix’s coming of age animated series about a group of teens going through puberty, will return for a second season on Oct. 5.

Netflix debuted a first look teaser for the new season today, and it picks up right where the first season left off. The kids are still learning about puberty, and dealing with all the strange urges and changes that come with the tedious development period. Also, the hormone monsters have returned and are even cruder.

Big Mouth was created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg (Family Guy), Jennifer Flackett (Beverly Hills, 90210) and Mark Levin (The Wonder Years). The series was hit or miss for many people, but Polygon called it one of 2017’s most underrated shows. We praised the series for its nuanced, comical take on puberty, writing:

Big Mouth turns those scary moments of uncertainty into literal monsters that only the affected tween can see. They have a bond with their hormone monster who they’re revolted by, but also rely on for centuries-old wisdom. Big Mouth gives its characters an entity to point to and blame for all of life’s mishaps; by shaping puberty as an unrelenting gargoyle, Big Mouth reinvigorates one of television’s most well-worn topics.

This isn’t South Park, and it’s not Clone High. It’s not a juvenile take on a universal subject and it’s not a show about younger characters designed for an intellectual audience, but that’s what makes Big Mouth so special. Being a teenager isn’t a cookie-cutter experience; it’s different for every person.

Big Mouths first season is available to watch on Netflix now.

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