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Cartoon Network brings Steven Universe, OK K.O to Nintendo Switch this fall

A combo physical release is also planned for the pair of games

Garnet and Steven in an episode of Steven Universe Cartoon Network

Nintendo Switch owners will get a chance to check out Steven Universe: Save the Light and OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes, previously exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, when they launch on the console Oct. 30.

Cartoon Network announced that it will bring the action role-playing games to Switch both separately and in a bundled set, composed of both games at a discount. That will be available not only on Nintendo eShop, but also in stores. Save the Light and Let’s Play Heroes will get their first physical retail release alongside their Switch debut.

The two-pack will cost $39.99; buying the games separately on eShop will set you back $24.99 each. The physical set will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch, and you can check out the box art below. All of these options will launch simultaneously.

Both of these games are surprisingly great adaptations, and that may make the bundle worth it for more than just the savings. Save the Light is a 2.5D romp through Beach City, home to Steven and the Crystal Gems. It takes Mario and Luigi-esque, rhythm-based gameplay and combines it with a cute, chibi-like twist on the cartoon. The battles and writing are charming, and side quests set throughout the city let you meet up with some of Steven’s other pals (both human and Gem).

Meanwhile, OK K.O. works as a stand-alone affair that doesn’t require much knowledge of the cartoon. Cartoon Network began airing the the action-comedy last summer, and it’s still building up the clout that Steven Universe has earned over the past five seasons. Let’s Play Heroes is a good introduction to the world of K.O., thanks to developer Capy Games’ beautiful art design and satisfying brawling. This is a game where you punch the heck out of people in between wonderfully animated cutscenes, and there are few combos more endearing than that.

For more on both games, check out our full impressions from earlier this year.