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The classic, ‘high tech’ board game Dark Tower is coming back in 2020

Gloomhaven and Risk Legacy designers will oversee Return to Dark Tower

Restoration Games

Restoration Games made waves when it launched a Kickstarter campaign to re-invent and relaunch the classic and visually stunning board game Fireball Island. Today, the company announced it’s hoping to do the same thing for Milton Bradley’s Dark Tower with a Kickstarter campaign that’s launching in 2019. The game, Return to Dark Tower, is scheduled to ship in 2020.

What made Dark Tower so special? The 1981 commercial with a voice over from Orson Welles certainly helped, but the game’s use of technology was what really set it apart from its competition.

“Taking center stage in the game — literally — was the titular tower,” Restoration Games explained in the official statement. “The 10-inch-tall plastic tower housed what was a sophisticated electronic device for the time. Players moved around the circular board, gathering resources and fighting monsters, before making a final assault on the horde of brigands that lay within. All the while, the electronic tower generated encounters, ran the bloody battles, and even haggled with players in the bazaar through a series of bleeps and flashing LED numbers on the screen.”

Restoration Games’ Rob Daviau, who designed the Legacy-style variations of Risk and Pandemic, is co-designing the new version of the game with Isaac Childres, who designed the board game hit Gloomhaven. The team said that they want to try something new with the updated Dark Tower, something that takes advantage of the advances in technology since its original launch, but no other details were given.

We know the new version of the game will be cooperative, and part of the reason for the early announcement was to allow for play testing without worrying about whether the nature of the project would leak. This is exciting news, and we can’t wait to hear more.