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Earth Defense Force 5 brings giant alien bugs to the West later this year

‘Hyper intelligent’ humanoid enemies, too

D3 Publisher
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Enormous bugs will invade North America on PlayStation 4 later this year in Earth Defense Force 5, the sequel to D3 Publisher’s cult hit series.

That means giant ants galore, was well as web-spewing tarantulas, and even some kind of enormous anthropmorphic frog being who carries a proportionately humungous rifle. A news release from D3 Publisher said all-new, “hyper intelligent” humanoid enemies “from the mysterious planet, Primer,” will be part of the game too. The Earth Defense Force series is well known for its campy, B-movie tone, and Earth Defense Force 5 carries on that tradition.

Earth Defense Force 5 will launch as standard and deluxe editions, the latter coming with all of the game’s future DLC, plus extra missions, weapons and more content. Both versions are available for preorder now on the PlayStation Store.

Earth Defense Force 5 will feature 100 new missions, split-screen local co-op play and online co-operative play supporting four players. A specific Western launch date for the game, which debuted in Japan last December, was not given.