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Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s next mobile game, looks like a beautiful action-RPG

The new, original series features dragon hunting, shapeshifting and online raids

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s newest mobile game that’s set for a Sept. 27 launch, is perhaps the prettiest smartphone exclusive from the company yet. A live Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday introduced us to its world of dragons, royal warriors and action-based combat.

Players assume the role of a hero known only as the Dragonblood Prince, whose name you get to choose. His royal duty is to guard the kingdom of Alberia with the help of a dragon, with whom he must form a pact. He’s joined by family members like his twin sister Zethia and partying mercenary Ranzal on his quest to befriend dragons and ensure Alberia’s survival.

The Cygames-developed project doesn’t have the most original fantasy RPG story. But it does provide for some interesting gameplay that relies on both humans and dragons to fight. Players use the touchscreen to swipe on enemies, causing damage while charging up additional ability meters. Dragons join alongside the customizable party to pitch in against other, stronger monsters. Better yet, humans can actually become dragons themselves for access to stronger attacks.

Multiplayer raids let up to four players take on online event quests together, although it looks like they’ll be bound to lengthy ID codes to connect as usual. There’s also cooperative play, according to Nintendo, which allows for players to go through parts of the story campaign together.

In each mode, there will be a number of weapon classes and 60-plus dragon friends to add some variety to the gameplay. But as any free-to-play mobile game does, there’s plenty of premium content that Dragalia Lost incentivizes players to drop money on. In-game currency allows players to access more characters and dragons, as well as extra power-up accessories. Although one type of currency is collected in-game, the other, Diamantium, must be bought with actual money.

All told, Dragalia Lost sure looks like a major shift from games like Super Mario Run and even the tactical RPG Fire Emblem Heroes. Watch the entire Nintendo Direct presentation above for more of Dragalia Lost in action, as well as all the details you need before the game launches next month. Pre-registration is now open for iOS and Android devices.

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