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Polygon readers can save 25 percent on Two Point Hospital with an exclusive discount

Get the new hospital management sim at Fanatical for $26

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Two Point Studio/Sega

Two Point Hospital, a new hospital management sim from two of the developers behind the cult favorite game Theme Hospital, launched today as the number one global top seller on Steam with “very positive” reviews.

Steam is offering a 10 percent off launch deal on Two Point Hospital, but Polygon readers can get 25 percent off a Steam key at Fanatical with our exclusive discount code, POLYGON2POINT. That brings the usually $35 game down to $26.11.

Theme Hospital, the 1997 game to which Two Point Hospital is considered a spiritual successor, was developed by British studio Bullfrog, along with other business sims like Theme Park and Theme Aquarium. The creators of Two Point Hospital, Gary Carr and Mark Webley, worked on the Theme series at Bullfrog together before moving on to other projects.

Two Point Hospital is named after the company founded by Carr and Webley, Two Point Studios, and is the studio’s first project. Sega is publishing Two Point Hospital for Windows PC via Steam.

The discount code POLYGON2POINT can be redeemed on a Two Point Hospital Steam key at Fanatical through 1 p.m. ET on Sept. 5.

Watch Two Point Hospital’s infomercial-style launch trailer below: