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Chrono Trigger’s troubled PC port gets its last big patch

Four months later, Square Enix makes it up to fans

chrono trigger on steam Square Enix

Chrono Trigger’s beleaguered port to PC — which back in February was little more than a reconditioned version of its mobile release — has gotten the last of several big patches promised to appease very disappointed fans.

The fifth patch, announced yesterday on the game’s Steam page, is the “final major update,” developers said. It implements key binding and adds an extras section that includes all the cinematic scenes from the game, a means of replaying any endings that have been unlocked, and some illustrations from the game. (Note: Those who have already completed the game will need to view Chrono Trigger’s ending again, after the latest update is installed, to unlock the extras and endings.)

Chrono Trigger on PC was a surprise launch when it showed up on Steam on Feb. 27, but that delight quickly turned sour as fans realized the skimpy effort put into porting. Modders even stepped in to polish up the game into something more worthy of the platform.

In early April, Square Enix announced three patches (later growing to five) to address fan complaints, including the means of switching the visuals back to Chrono Trigger’s original visual style. Overall, Chrono Trigger on Steam has received “mixed” reviews from 672 players; that has been improved by 45 “very positive” recent reviews.

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