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For Honor’s season 7 brings big changes to two original characters

Ubisoft Montreal gives Valkyrie and Warden new moves

Valkyrie, a fighter class in Ubisoft’s For Honor (2017) Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

For Honor is still going strong, beginning its seventh season of content and competition on Thursday with a new map and updates to two of the game’s original heroes.

Season 7 is called “Storm and Fury,” and the new map, Secluded Keep, is available in For Honor’s Tribute, Skirmish, Elimination, Brawl and Duel playlists.

Warden, according to developers, got remade because players using a shoulder bash/guard break combination weren’t finding it effective against players who could roll-dodge out of the way. This forced Warden players into reliance on the Top Light and Zone Attack, where developers wanted players to use more of the moveset.

To make rolling less effective, Ubisoft Montreal has introduced a new move, Valiant Breakthrough, which makes the pressure Warden applies more meaningful. The move is demonstrated below.

To make Warden less predictable with the Top Light and Zone Attack moves, there’s now the Unblockable Top Heavy Finisher, which can be reached from the Zone Attack, Rushing Slash and new Valiant Breakthrough.

More on Warden is here.

Valkyrie got an update because her moves and combinations posed more risk than reward, developers felt (with Shield Crush being a good example). So they’ve given her five more chain attacks. Here’s one.

Spear Sweep has been sped up to be more effective, and a new move, Spear Sweep Punish, has been added to give Valkyrie players a better chance of landing a heavy attack after Spear Sweep. This video shows what developers are going after.

And there’s a bunch more detail on how Valkyrie has been adjusted for season seven, too.

Season 7 brings with it a refresh of player progression and ranked play, 10 new Reputation levels, new legendary gear, and two elite ranked divisions.

For those on Xbox One who haven’t tried For Honor, this is a good month to do it, as the game is part of the console’s Games With Gold offerings from Aug. 16 to Sept. 15. Then, in October, For Honor has plans to add its “largest update yet,” which will bring a new faction, a four-on-four mode called Breach, and more.

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