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Street Fighter 5 gets Sagat and fighting president G this week

Final season 3 characters available on Monday, Aug. 6

Two new world warriors are coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition this week: G, the mysterious “fighting president,” and longtime Ryu rival Sagat. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono debuted the two characters at Evo 2018 today, announcing that they’ll both come to Street Fighter 5 on Monday, Aug. 6.

G, “the Man of Mystery” and self-proclaimed President of the World, draws energy from the Earth itself to fuel his powers. He fights with fiery, magma-based attacks as part of his mission to unite the people of Earth as one. You can watch G in action, using his Maximum President and Dangerous President V-Trigger moves, in the gameplay trailer below.

Joining G on Monday, Aug. 6 is Sagat, who first appeared as the final boss of the original Street Fighter. Sagat’s appearance in Street Fighter 5 will bring back his familiar Tiger Shot, Tiger Uppercut and Tiger Knee Crush moves. His V-Trigger moves include the Tiger Charge and Tiger Assault, emphasizing just how much Sagat identifies with tigers.

Sagat’s arrival in Street Fighter 5 comes with a new stage, King’s Court, which is based on the character’s stage from Street Fighter 2.

G and Sagat will be available to purchase individually for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. Both are also included as part of Street Fighter 5’s season 3 character pass (which costs $29.99) and also includes previously released fighters Sakura, Blanka, Falke and Cody.

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