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Supergirl may join DC cinematic universe with her own movie

Superman’s cousin is said to be up for her own movie, her first in more than 30 years

An illustration from Supergirl #6 DC Comics

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are looking to add Supergirl to their cinematic universe roster, Deadline reports. A movie based on the comic book character is in the scripting phases, according to the outlet, with a writer already attached to the project.

Oren Uziel is said to be working on the first draft, marking the busy writer’s first collaboration with a superhero franchise. Most recently, Uziel wrote the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog live-action film; The Cloverfield Paradox, a surprise Netflix release that garnered a lukewarm reception earlier this year; and 22 Jump Street, his first feature-length work.

All other details remain light for now, but it’s interesting to speculate on how and where Supergirl would fit into the existing DC Entertainment universe. Superman, her cousin and counterpart, is off working with the Justice League; fellow female lead Wonder Woman will next be seen in another decade altogether. It’s likely that we’ll be introduced to a unique setting and storyline for a potential Supergirl movie, which sounds like a good way to kick off her first big movie in more than three decades.

Supergirl — a Kryptonian who’s otherwise known as Kara Zor-El or Kara Danvers — is a familiar face for modern DC fans, thanks to her TV show. The CW rescued the superhero drama after its first season floundered on CBS, and it’s since run for an additional two seasons. A fourth is set to premiere in October 2018.

The last time we had a Supergirl movie in theaters was way before cinematic universe was even in our parlance: Her one English-language feature premiered in 1984, and will soon be available to view on the DC Universe streaming platform.

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