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The World Ends With You comes to Switch in October

The Final Remix version gives you another chance to try the cult classic

The World Ends With You is now set to be one of Nintendo Switch’s marquee fall titles. Nintendo announced that the Final Remix version of the game, revealed earlier this year, will launch on Oct. 12.

Alongside the release date comes one heckuva nice trailer, serving as a reminder that this remains one of the most stylish Square Enix games ever. The World Ends With You’s version of hip Shibuya incorporates bold colors, great fashion and stylized character designs that remain unlike any Square Enix game since. Watch it above for your dose of early-morning jamming.

Also unique is the game’s combat system, which adds a rhythmic spin to standard action-RPG combat. The Switch version leans into this aspect of the game, allowing players to use the Joy-Con controllers or the touchscreen to better feel that beat. There’s also remixed music (hence that title) and a two-player co-op mode to make The World Ends With You: Final Remix more like an original experience.

First released on Nintendo DS, The World Ends With You is now more than 10 years old. Teen hero Neku is joined by a bunch of friends to save the human race from destruction — and they only have seven days to do it. (Things get a lot more complicated than that, so we recommend you just check out the game to make more sense of it.) It remains a cult favorite with JRPG fans, and has been ported to iOS and Android in the years since its initial launch.