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WarioWare Gold’s re-dubbing feature lets you make silly, cinematic masterpieces

Doing your own voiceovers for the game’s cinematics is goofy fun

WarioWare Gold artwork Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

WarioWare Gold is packed with over 300 minigames — or rather, microgames — and dozens of extra features. From turning your amiibo into art to replaying everything with additional challenges, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the game.

One of the strangest features lets you dub over all of the game’s cinematics with your own voice. Throughout the game’s story mode, where you can hear a fully voiced Wario, our lovable villain enlists his former cohorts to help him construct new microgames. When players start a stage for the first time, they are treated to a story cinematic featuring WarioWare favorites like 9-Volt, Mona and Dr. Crygor. Each of their scenarios is just as weird as you’d expect — and being able to provide your own voice-over for these videos is, too.

Each cinematic is split up into a short intro and conclusion movie, and you’re given the option to re-dub the voices of every character that appears within them. To get your own dialogue into the game, you must first select which character’s voice you want to replace. The cinematic will then replay, and you’ll see a prompt when it’s your time to speak.

Unfortunately, getting the timing right on when to speak isn’t obvious, which led to some clipped recordings, but surprisingly, those mistakes ended up making our videos somehow funnier.

To get your hands on each cinematic, you must earn them through the game’s gachapon-like unlock system. Even after playing for a few hours, we weren’t able to get all of the cutscenes, but we were able to nab the cinematics for one of my favorite characters, Jimmy T.

I partnered up with our own deputy news editor, Allegra Frank, and video producer Brian Gilbert to tackle the tough job of lending our voices to this important piece of cinematic storytelling. Behold, below:

The mode isn’t perfect, but it’s an absolutely silly and wonderful reward for all the hard work I put into unlocking new games, features and modes. We won’t be seeing our re-dubbed version of this cinematic opening any film festivals any time soon, but for a good laugh in the middle of the afternoon, it was worth it.

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