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Don’t worry: Luigi’s not dead after the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Despite having his soul sucked out of his body, he’s fine

Luigi’s ghost hovering over his lifeless body in the Castlevania x Smash Bros. trailer. Nintendo

Today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate direct held a multitude of revelations about new features that will be released when the game hits Nintendo Switch this December. The biggest, however, was during new hero Simon Belmont’s teaser. Luigi (a.k.a. Nintendo’s resident screw-up) seemingly suffered a horrible death as his soul was literally sucked out of his body by a scythe-wielding death monster.

But don’t worry, everyone — Luigi’s is fine. Probably.

Despite having extensive experience in haunted mansions, Luigi was a bit too out of his depth trying to fight the monsters within Dracula’s Castle with his ghost-hunting vacuum. Simon Belmont arrived seconds too late to save Luigi, but just in time to smash the monsters’ jaws with his iconic whip. After the action was over, Luigi’s ghost prepared to sink back into his body, only to be interrupted by a horrifyingly gigantic face appearing in the window. The last thing we hear is poor Luigi’s terrified scream.

Despite suggestions otherwise, Luigi’s spirit and body are safe. Soon after the conclusion of the Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo UK Versus account assuaged our fears by confirming that, yes, Luigi is okay.

We’ve also reached out to Nintendo for comment to really make sure that he survived the battle in Dracula’s Castle.

This isn’t the first time one of our favorite plumber brothers has gotten offed during a Nintendo Direct. During this year’s E3 livestream, Mario was seemingly pierced through the chest by an angry Ridley when he was revealed as a playable character. Only Mario’s iconic hat was left behind in his memory.

Sometimes I can still hear his “It’s a-me! ...”

Unlike Luigi, Mario (and Mega-Man, who was stabbed alongside him) were never confirmed to actually be alive post-E3. One can only assume that, in the absence of an update on his survival, Mario may actually be dead. The implications of this are severe and raise the following question: Will Luigi finally emerge from the shadows and take his brother’s titular place from this point forward?

It’s still unclear when Luigi’s name will reign supreme, but for now, we can look forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Dec. 7 launch, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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