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A gorgeous, translucent PS4 Pro celebrates a PlayStation milestone

Only 50,000 will be sold

Sony is celebrating 500 million units sold across the PlayStation’s lifespan — PlayStation, 2, 3, 4, Portable, Vita and PlayStation VR — with a special edition PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s gorgeous. Only 50,000 will be produced.

The case is a translucent dark blue that houses a PlayStation 4 Pro with a 2 TB hard drive. Sony says that when the console’s power light is on, its innards are visible through the case. Each unit has a limited edition number engraved on a commemorative copper plate fixed to the front.

The special edition console also comes with a vertical stand and a matched-color PlayStation Camera, with stand. The matching DualShock 4 controller included with the console will also be sold separately.

The console bundle will run $499. The controller will cost $64.99. There’s also a wireless headset in the same design that will be available for $99.99. The console is available for pre-order beginning Aug. 24, and the headset will go on sale in North America in early September.

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