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Ben Schwartz of Parks and Rec cast as Sonic the Hedgehog in upcoming film

This is Schwartz’s third time voicing a blue-themed cartoon character

Sonic: Lost World - Sonic the Hedgehog vaults over a cloud, grinning at the camera Sega

Paramount Picture’s upcoming live-action/animation hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie has finally found its Sonic. Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) has been cast as the titular character and will star opposite Jim Carrey, who is playing the evil Doctor Robotnik.

The upcoming film sets Sonic on a quest to defeat his archnemesis Doctor Robotnik, who has imprisoned animals in robots and stolen at least a few Chaos Emeralds along the way. The film, directed by John Fowler (Where the Wild Things Are), also stars James Marsden and Tika Sumpter.

Schwartz is already more than ready to take on Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog — he has extensive experience voicing blue-themed cartoon characters and currently voices Dewey Duck on Disney’s DuckTales reboot and Leonardo in Nickelodeon’s Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, that hasn’t stopped him from rigorously preparing— yesterday he enthusiastically tweeted, “I have been training by running, wagging my finger and impatiently tapping my foot. GOTTA GO FAST!”

The film will premiere on Nov. 15, 2019, which gives the rest of us just as much time to get as excited as Schwartz was on Twitter last night.