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Project Awakening pits soldiers against dragons in one beautiful action-RPG

A new game from mega-developer CyGames is coming to PS4

CyGames, best known for mobile titles like Granblue Fantasy, announced one of its first console-exclusive games ahead of this year’s Tokyo Game Show: Project Awakening. The PlayStation 4 game, which is heading to both Japan and the U.S, looks stunning in its first trailer, even if it only hints at what the story could be about.

The description for the short clip only tells us this: “It’s time for the wolves of war to awaken.” It seems like our hero is contending with those “wolves,” whoever they are. Perhaps the giant dragon-monster he’s taken on is one of them?

Expect plenty of sword action against bloodthirsty monsters who have no qualms about beating the heck out of you either way. Also possible: These giant colossi-like monsters who face our hero at the very end. They don’t look like wolves, but perhaps we’re being too literal.

There’s a small selection of screenshots available, mostly pulled from the trailer. Otherwise, CyGames will likely trickle out information for the PS4 exclusive until ... whenever it’s expected to come out.