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Undertale comes to Nintendo eShop next week, and you have no excuse not to play

The latest Nintendo eShop update is led by an all-time great

A screenshot from Undertale on Switch Toby Fox

As Nintendo fans speculate ahead of today’s Direct presentation, don’t forget that the Switch eShop received its regular weekly update as per usual. While the list may not be full of the big surprises Nintendo likely has in store for us this evening, there’s one game absolutely worth your attention.

Undertale is out next week on Nintendo Switch, completing the trifecta of console ports for the unforgettable role-playing game. Almost three years since launch, the game continues to capture the attention of newcomers — and get recommended regularly by its cavalcade of fans.

There are lots of reasons to attribute that to, and I feel wrong picking just one. But Undertale is one of those RPGs that solidify the genre as one of the medium’s best: It has characters, each one with a distinct personality, no matter how much time you spend with them; it’s funny, and it’s dark, and it’s sweet all at once; the combat is unique in a way where it feels familiar, but you have never played anything like it.

Who thought that a bullet hell-esque RPG where it’s encouraged not to attack, but to defend against every enemy — sometimes requiring you to compliment or tell a joke to them — would make sense? Apparently Toby Fox, its creator, did, and its a formula that works wonderfully and may never be replicated.

And don’t even get me started on the music.

Clearly I’m a big Undertale fan, as were select members of Polygon when it first launched. That was back in 2015, and our affection for this strange and self-assured little game has only grown. We don’t know if Toby Fox will ever give us a follow-up, and getting Undertale’s perfect ending (if you play it the right way) means you may never want to run the risk of overwriting your save file. But the journey here is what matters, and it’s wonderful.

Need a game to tide you over on Switch until one of those fancy titles announced in today’s Direct comes out? Choose Undertale when it launches Tuesday, Sept. 18. You’re welcome.

Here is the full list of games out on Nintendo Switch eShop now through Sept. 19:

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