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Special Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch console announced

The console will come out Nov. 2, leaving you with a lot of time to get excited for Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch Nintendo
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A special version of the Nintendo Switch is releasing for all Super Smash Bros. fans soon.

This console comes with a decorated Switch dock with various fighters etched into it, as well as Joy-Cons that have the classic Smash Bros. logo on them. The console itself also comes with a Smash Bros. Ultimate download code. The game releases on Dec. 7.

Nintendo has released many special versions of the Switch since the console initially launched, and though this version is less colorful than the others, it doesn’t make it any less drool-worthy. The detail of the classic Smash Bros. crew on the front of the dock make it look great.

The special console will be available starting on Nov. 2. On the same day, the classic GameCube controllers and adapters for Nintendo Switch will also be released, but they are not included with the bundle. With all this stuff, you’ll be immediately ready to play the games on release with the controllers.

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