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Sega’s Puyo Puyo series is getting an esports version

Puyo Puyo eSports is coming to PS4 and Switch

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Sega’s long-running puzzle game series Puyo Puyo is getting a competitive version that’s recognized by Japan’s official esports union. The game, straightforwardly titled Puyo Puyo eSports, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in October. An arcade version is also planned.

Puyo Puyo eSports looks very similar in presentation to 2014’s Puyo Puyo Tetris, minus the Tetris component. The esports-focused spin on the blob-dropping puzzle game takes its rules from two previous entries: Puyo Puyo 2 (first released in 1994) and Puyo Puyo Fever (first released in 2003). Puyo Puyo eSports will feature 24 characters from across the franchise.

The new version of Puyo Puyo is authorized by the Japan esports Union (JeSU), an organization established in cooperation with the Japanese government that aims to promote and disseminate esports in the country, as well as provide actual licenses for professional players. The organizations members include developers and publishers such as Arc System Works, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Konami, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The chairman of JeSU, Hideki Okamura, is also president and chief operating officer of Sega Holdings, parent company of publisher Sega.

Puyo Puyo eSports will be released digitally in Japan on Oct. 25, priced at 1,999 yen. A high-pitched hype trailer for the game can be watched below.

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