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PUBG’s newest patch adds new ranked system to the game

The patch also brings back map select

PUBG’s highest rank PUBG Corp.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a new patch, Update 22, on its test servers today and it’s bringing in a ranked system.

Unlike most battle royale games, which more or less just throw players into a lobby together, Battlegrounds makes a point of adding a bit of skill-based matchmaking into their system. Once again taking things a little further than its competition, PUBG players will have a way to keep track of their progress and skill with the new ranked system — something largely nonexistent in other battle royale games.

ranked medals in PUBG
Ranks for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
PUBG Corp.

The system will use something called Rank Points, which will be distributed after each match based on a player’s performance. Then they’ll be sorted into one of eight ranks, and can lose or gain points and ranks throughout the course of a season. While there hasn’t been any official announcement, you can bet that rewards based on player rank are pretty likely at the end of each season.

Ranks are the standout feature of the new patch but they aren’t the only thing it’s bringing to PUBG. This patch also includes a new radial menu for selecting grenades and healing items — something that used to be a pain for most players.

grenade menu for PUBG
New grenade menu
PUBG Corp.

Also coming back to PUBG thanks to this patch is map selection. Instead of simply choosing the size of the map you’d like to play, players can once again select specific maps from the matchmaking menu.

PUBG’s patch 1.0 Update 22 is currently up on the game’s test server, and will be pushed to live servers as soon as the developers at PUBG Corp. feel that the update is stable, which should be sometime early next week.

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