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Dance under different streetlight spotlights - Fortnite Season 6 challenge location guide

We’ll show you where to find seven of the easier streetlight spotlights to complete this challenge

Exciting news: Season 6 of Fortnite is here. And with it comes a new batch of challenges to complete. If you’re looking to level up that Battle Pass quickly, you may have your eye on some of those 10 Battle Star challenges, one of which requires that you: “Dance under different streetlight spotlights.” Yes, these are different than normal streetlights. They’ve got multi-colored bulbs and a nice bass jam playing through them. Here’s where you can find seven of the easiest ones:

Epic Games via Polygon

While there are more than seven across the map, we’ve picked these as they’re extremely easy to nab as you’re coming in from the sky. We’d recommend doing them in order so you don’t lose track of which ones you’ve already hit.

If you’d prefer, we walk through the same locations in the video above, so be sure to check that out.

Streetlight Spotlight #1

In the northern parking lot of Lazy Links.

Streetlight Spotlight #2

In the western half of Retail Row, next to a chainlink fence.

Streetlight Spotlight #3

In the center of the unnamed depot area to the north of Greasy Grove.

Streetlight Spotlight #4

In the northern part of Fatal fields, just south of the large barn up there.

Streetlight Spotlight #5

On the road next to the unlabeled desert gas station in the southeast corner of the map.

Streetlight Spotlight #6

In the northern parking lot of Pleasant Park.

Streetlight Spotlight #7

In Greasy Grove, across from the main entrance to the burger joint.

With these instructions you should have no problem finding all seven and nabbing that sweet, sweet tier on your Battle Pass.

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