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Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new Shattered Throne dungeon will only be available every three weeks

You only have a few days left to grab the Wish-Ender

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Dreaming City Bungie, High Moon Studios/Activision

Destiny 2: Forsaken had one of its best surprises yet this week with the introduction of the Shattered Throne dungeon. A strange amalgamation between a raid and a strike, the Shattered Throne is filled with puzzles and difficult boss fights. It also packs appropriate rewards, offering players three powerful pieces of loot and the quest for the Wish-Ender exotic bow. But in Thursday’s This Week at Bungie, the studio announced that the dungeon is going away — for a few weeks, at least.

In the blog post, Bungie said that the Shattered Throne will only be available every third week — as the curse upon the Dreaming City reaches its max. This may be a problem for some players who hope to get the dungeon done before the end of the week, as the recommended power for the final encounter is 590 — only 10 below Forsaken’s current max of 600.

Players who aren’t able to complete the quest will need to wait until it opens back up again to earn any of the Triumphs inside or obtain the Wish-Ender. There also appear to be some yet-unsolved secrets lingering inside the dungeon, with a limited timeline left to figure them out. Players interested in discovering these secrets should visit the Raid Secrets subreddit, as thousands of players are eagerly comparing notes there everyday.

The Shattered Throne will next become available the week of Oct. 16, and the week of Nov. 6 after that.

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