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Birdo joins Mario Tennis Aces in October

Play an online tournament to get her, or wait until November

Birdo, previously announced as a forthcoming character for Mario Tennis Aces, joins the game in October for those who play in an Online Tournament.

Yes, that means if you want her right now, and you don’t have Nintendo Switch Online, guess who’s ponying up for a subscription. Otherwise, Birdo is available for everyone beginning Nov. 1.

Birdo’s glamor-girl presentation here shouldn’t fool anyone. As a friend pointed out to me long ago, she fires eggs out of her snout, which means she will use her own offspring to kill you. Her Mario Tennis Aces presentation is less infanticidal; it doesn’t look like she even sneezes the ball for her special shot, which is what I’d do if I had that kind of a snout.

Birdo is an all-arounder in Mario Tennis Aces, giving her even strength across all talents. Mario Tennis Aces recently received a version 2 update, which also added co-operative online multiplayer modes supporting up to four players.

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