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Life Is Strange student handbook returns us to high school — plus Max and Chloe

Welcome to Blackwell Academy is out in October, lets fans revisit Arcadia Bay

Life is Strange — Chloe and Max break into principal’s office Dontnod Entertainment/Square Enix

Life Is Strange 2 takes us back to the general universe of the series, despite leaving behind the characters of the first game. An upcoming book from publisher Titan Books brings back Chloe, Max and the town of Arcadia Bay to give us time to return to the original game’s world.

Life Is Strange — Welcome to Blackwell Academy is something of a “student guide,” according to Titan Books, and focuses on the boarding school where much of the first game takes place. Students offer their own takes on the more straightforward notes about Blackwell’s staff. Those takes include plenty of graffiti, photos and other parts of the Life Is Strange aesthetic.

Be mindful that his isn’t going to be a specifically Max-and-Chloe story, unlike the upcoming Life Is Strange comic book miniseries. No spoilers here, but if you’ve played Life Is Strange the first, you may realize that our cool-girl heroes have already met a satisfying conclusion.

Life Is Strange — Welcome to Blackwell Academy will be in bookstores on Oct. 9, priced at $39.95. (It’s a hardcover in full color, which accounts for the cost.)

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