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Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition heads from mobile to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

The smartphone-friendly take on the RPG is now giving console players the chance to go chibi

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Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition, released in January on smartphones, is now available on consoles for the first time. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions are now available on each console’s digital marketplace, a surprise release that was nonetheless hinted at earlier this week.

An ad for Pocket Edition briefly popped up on the European PlayStation Store earlier this week, setting off rumors that the mobile game would be making its console debut sooner than later. Turns out that they were right; Square Enix has taken this chibi-styled, tinier version of the full Final Fantasy 15 adventure out of people’s pockets.

Both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace offer 40 percent off on purchases made between now and Sept. 13. That brings the price down from $29.99 to $19.99.

Pocket Edition comprises the entire storyline of Final Fantasy 15, albeit divided into 10 smaller and without the open-world feel of the console version. That aside, it’s a charming, simplified experience.

From the sounds of it, the PS4 and Xbox One editions don’t sound too different than those on iOS, Android, Windows PC and Windows Phones. But if you’d rather dedicate your RPG time to a console, this re-release sounds like the way to go. And if you’d like the retain the option to play a cuter Final Fantasy 15 on the go, a Nintendo Switch port launched immediately following the latest Nintendo Direct.