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Fortnite’s new Grapple gun is the next best thing to playing Spider-Man

The release of the Grappler couldn’t have been done at a better time

A Fortnite player sails through the air with the Grappler item
It’s not Spider-Man, but it’s close enough for some players
Epic Games via Polygon

Epic Games added a new item called the Grappler to Fortnite this week, and players have already found some interesting uses for the new way to get around the map. The Grappler pulls you toward nearby objects if the suction cup is able to connect to them, and each pickup of the item gives you 15 uses. The official description also notes that you can “chain multiple shots together to travel great distances.”

Which means that yes, it can basically be used like Spider-Man’s webslingers if you have fast reflexes and a plan. The clips that people are releasing that show creative uses for the item are a lot of fun, and illustrate just how high the skill ceiling can be for items that appear simple at first blush.

And we’re not the first people to notice that Epic has more or less added a Spider-Man mode to Fortnite. The magic happens when you start getting good enough to string your flights together:

And the ability to fly up the side of large, tall structures in a matter of seconds can be deadly in the right hands. You’re can’t assume you’re safe just because you’re high anymore.

One of the more ridiculous strategies people are using out there involves the guided missile and the Grappler together.

One of the themes I’ve been seeing on social media is that this is how people are dealing with Spider-Man’s PlayStation 4 exclusivity. You don’t need to buy a whole new system, you just need to pretend like Fortnite is offering a similar experience!

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