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Sea of Thieves’ ‘Devil’s Roar’ expansion boils the ocean next week

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A lava-spewing biome brings red-hot styles and more

Sea of Thieves’ next expansion, Forsaken Shores, will launch on Sept. 19 for Windows PC and Xbox One. Rare announced the launch date with this trailer showing a look at the game’s deadly new region — the seething, volcanic Devil’s Roar.

The lonely survivor’s dramatic sea shanty tells of a volatile and deadly land of fire, and the doom of the sailors who visited it. Visually, the trailer shows off some details players may expect when the expansion arrives.

Those glowing charms, armor pieces and ship ornamentation seem to be a new style. Face paint on the pirates would suggest that’s being added as another customization option. Rowboats are also being introduced with the expansion as a means of getting to or leaving shore. (Apparently, they’re necessary because the volcano’s eruptions boil the nearby sea.)

And the special guest star, The Crab, scuttles onto the scene at the end. Crabby’s starred in trailers for The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, so maybe he (she?) is here only for posterity’s sake; maybe the crab finally shows up in the game.