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Catherine comes to PC today

Catherine Classic is the first Atlus-developed game on Steam

Vincent screaming in Catherine Atlus

Catherine, the 2011 romantic thriller-meets-platformer developed by the Persona team, is now available on Steam. It’s a (sort of) surprise release that marks a major step for the Japanese developer: Catherine Classic is Atlus’ first internally developed game to come to Windows PC.

The PC version of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game comes with several upgrades over the console versions, including 4K resolution, customizable controls, and an unlocked frame rate. Catherine Classic also offers a choice between English- and Japanese-language voice acting, a feature not included in the Western console release. The PC version costs $19.99.

Otherwise, the rest of the game should be as you remember it. All three original game modes are included, including the story campaign and both multiplayer modes. Fans may be disappointed that the option to play online isn’t part of the newness of the PC version, but at least Atlus promised that online multiplayer will be in the upcoming Catherine: Full Body remaster.

Atlus hasn’t announced a release date for Catherine: Full Body yet, but the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game is expected to arrive sometime this year. Along with online multiplayer, the game will have new storylines and the option to play as Persona 5’s Joker.

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