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Steven Universe teaser reveals an epic Diamond showdown

‘Now Starlight, this has gone on long enough!’

The latest five-part Steven Universe arc comes to a close on Jan. 21, with a special 44-minute conclusion entitled “Battle of Heart and Mind.”

[Ed. note: This post contains mild spoilers for Steven Universe: Diamond Days]

When we last left Steven and his friends, the Diamonds blasted the Crystal Gems back into gem form for fusing and sent Connie and our hero to jail. Steven used his astral projection powers to return to Earth (inhabiting the form of a Watermelon Steven) and contact his dad and the gems that remained behind.

The teaser for the concluding episode reveals that Steven and Connie will battle the Diamonds, most notably the powerful and mysterious White Diamond, who’s had enough of Steven’s antics. The Diamonds are having a hard time accepting that while Steven is Pink Diamond, he also isn’t — and his Earth-loyalty and desire to revolt against the Homeworld caste system has gone on long enough.

“Battle of Heart and Mind” airs on Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. EST on Cartoon Network.

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