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Season 2 of The Dragon Prince hits Netflix on Feb. 15

We get to find out more about dragons and elves

The three protagonists of the Dragon Prince Wonderstorm Inc. / Netflix
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The Dragon Prince’s first season was an excellent romp through a traditional fantasy setting, complete with curses, dark magic, elves, and dragons ... but it was clearly just the start of a massive media franchise. Wonderstorm Inc., the team behind The Dragon Prince, are quietly working on a video game, and the second season of the Netflix show. We now have a release date for the show’s second season, which will debut on Feb. 15.

The first season of The Dragon Prince was excellent, but it was also set at a nearly breakneck pace as our three protagonists navigated danger with their dragon egg in store. Season one ends with that dragon egg hatching and our protagonists’ location revealed by dark magic. We’ll likely be picking up immediately after that cliffhanger and resuming their journey to Xadia to bring the titular dragon prince home.

We’re definitely looking forward to this reveal, especially because there are some serious mysteries going on around Viren, Runaan, and a magical mirror. We’re also interested to see what happened to Amaya, the deaf general who is on the front lines of the ongoing conflict.

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