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Final Fantasy 14’s new job, Blue Mage, is out now

Learn skills from monsters to use against them!

The FF14 Blue Mage looks pretty clean Square Enix
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

Final Fantasy 14’s newest job, Blue Mage, dropped today as part of patch 4.5. Unlike the other jobs in the game, Blue Mage learns spells from enemies, requiring players go out on hunts to collect them.

The Blue Mage is considered a “limited” class, which means it can’t be taken into dungeons, trials, or raids through normal party-finding queues. You can take Blue Mage into these types of content in pre-made parties, however.

To unlock Blue Mage on your character, you have to be a Disciple of War or Magic above the level 50 and you have to have “The Ultimate Weapon” quest completed. (This is the last quest in the main part of the story line for A Realm Reborn.) If you’ve done that, go talk to the Zealous Yellowjacket character in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks to start the quest “Out of the Blue.” Your journey as a Blue Mage has begun.

The class only levels up to 50 for now, but it can learn up to 49 different spells. Out of all the spells you unlock, only 24 can actually be used as the same time. Some spells can be learned from iconic monsters around Eorzea, but for others, you may have to jump into a dungeon with some friends to capture new abilities. Reddit user AtrumNuntius put together a pretty intensive guide on where to find all of the different abilities. You do have to kill the targets after seeing them use the skill in question, and there is a chance you won’t learn the skill after killing them.

The Blue Mage action, Faze, was learned!
I had to kill a handful of monsters before learning Faze
Square Enix Co., Ltd. via Julia Lee

The Blue Mage was introduced to the Final Fantasy series in Final Fantasy 5. In that game, a Blue Mage would have to be struck by an enemy attack in order to learn the ability. The class nearly always dons a blue mask over the character’s eyes, as well as some regal-looking attire. Final Fantasy 14 offers a simple outfit with this theme once you unlock the job, and a fancier version of it (including a mask) once you complete the level 50 job quest.

The Blue Mage starter outfit isn’t too fancy, but you have to earn the good stuff.
Square Enix Co., Ltd. via Julia Lee

Final Fantasy 14 and all of its expansions are available for Mac, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. A new expansion, Shadowbringers, will be released in early summer 2019.

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