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Persona 5 R reveal teases ‘new projects’ this year, nothing else

Switch version remains but a dream for now

Atlus has more plans for Persona 5 this year, the company teased just ahead of New Year’s. But as for what those “new projects” are, we’ll have to wait a while longer to find out: The developer isn’t saying much else for now.

After some serious sleuthing last week by Persona fans, the company dropped a trailer to confirm that its recently activated domain belongs to whatever these new Persona 5 projects are. The meaning behind that “R” remains a mystery, though; could it still be a remake (or port) for Nintendo Switch, like many of us hope? Could it be a catch-all for whatever the next phase of the Persona 5 universe contains? No idea.

There is one thing of note, however: The very brief trailer opens up with a PlayStation logo. Whatever happens, the PlayStation platforms are surely involved. That doesn’t rule out the appearance of Persona 5 or related games on other consoles, including Switch, of course; but all we know for sure is that Persona 5 R will at least be coming to PlayStation.

The trailer ends with a promise for more to come in March 2019, so hold tight until then.

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