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New Detective Pikachu footage shows off more of Ryan Reynolds’ mouthy Pokémon

This is not your grandpappy’s Pikachu

detective pikachu tv spot nfc championships Warner Bros. Pictures

Here at Polygon, we take our Pokémon seriously. So consider us impressed that Warner Bros. Pictures’ live-action Detective Pikachu movie may just rank among the most worthy of Poké-film adaptations.

A new TV spot for the film — now titled Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, maximizing all sequel/spin-off potential — premiered during the NFC Championship game, and again, while it’s surreal to hear Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds’ voice pouring out of little Pikachu’s mouth, the movie looks just as alive and bustling as the games.

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The film’s first trailer showed off a Blade Runner-esque metropolis overflowing with Pokémon for eagle-eyed fans to spot. The new spot focuses more on Pikachu’s penchant for one-liners and general sass. The real mystery of the project was whether or not Reynolds was “right” for a faithful Pokémon movie. As anyone who played the Detective Pikachu game knows: it could have been weirder! (Danny DeVito was waiting for that call, Warner Bros.)

The new trailer is our first drip of Detective Pikachu in the new year, and the stakes are high. After years of development, Legendary Pictures, which hopes to translate a number of anime to live-action movies over the next few years, is gambling on Detective Pikachu to stake a claim in ongoing franchisedom. The movie hopes to steal some eyeballs away from Game of Thrones’ final season and Avengers: Endgame — a tall order. But with an influx of merch and early talk of follow-up films, the masterminds behind the movie seem confident that they have a vehicle worthy of Pokémon to show off this summer.

Whatever the case, we’ll be debating Pikachu’s fur until the end of time. That’s for certain.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019.

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