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For Honor’s third year kicks off with a huge patch and a new hero

Updates for three fighters coming Jan. 31, along with a new map

For Honor’s third year of new content will open Jan. 31 with a new hero, a Knight by the name of Vortiger the Dark Hero, who was announced a week ago. Ubisoft Montreal has more to come over the four quarterly “seasons” this year, and runs down what to expect in this video published yesterday.

After Vortiger, the Samurai, Viking and Wu Lin factions will get new heroes, in that order, in or around April, July, and October. These updates will also deliver new maps, new gear, new customization options and effects. Each season will also offer a major event.

For Season One of Year 3 — “The Year of the Harbinger” (apparently a reference to something coming soon to the in-game lore) — all players will get a new map, free, on Jan. 31. Harbor, which is tied to Vortiger’s story, is a Dominion map set in a port town.

Those who have bought the Year 3 Pass (it’s $29.99) will get Vortiger on Jan. 31. Otherwise, he becomes unlockable on Feb. 7 for 15,000 Steel (the in-game currency).

In other news, earlier this morning Ubisoft Montreal posted the patch notes for version 2.04.0, which is the update coming Jan. 31. In addition to Vortiger and Harbor, comprehensive updates for the Shugoki, Warlord and Peacekeeper heroes are also on the way.

Other changes include a reset to the Skill Rating for every player, to accommodate a change: Only winning or losing a match affects a player’s personal Skill Rating, in ranked and unranked matches, Other factors figuring into a match score (kills and Renown, for example) had affected this Skill Rating in the first two years.

The official site has the full (and lengthy) list of changes.

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