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Red Dead Online offers another gold bonus, updates to fix Gun Rush

Gun Rush will have more players, more often

Red Dead Online - a shot of a player about to enter Gun Rush Rockstar Games via Polygon

Rockstar is preparing to launch another series of changes to Red Dead Online’s beta, including bounties, easier access to posse feuds, daily challenges, and more. But those aren’t coming until the next big patch. But the company does have some minor improvements arriving in today’s smaller patch. The focus is on touching up Gun Rush, the new, bite-sized battle royale mode.

Rockstar is ensuring that Gun Rush lobbies now fill up properly. As the game works now, players can often enter Gun Rush matches with only 15 or 20 players instead of the full 32. Even full lobbies tend to lose players over time, meaning that successive Gun Rushes end up with a player pool of only six or eight players at a time. As Rockstar mentions in the patch notes, Gun Rush is designed around a full 32-person lobby. The improvements should make the game mode more enjoyable.

There’s also a new feedback forum dedicated exclusively to Gun Rush, suggesting further balance changes and tweaks may be on the way. As I noted in my impressions of the game mode, Gun Rush is off to a great start. It’ll be interesting to see how the developers improve on a strong premise.

Players are also getting another gold bar bonus; anyone who plays Red Dead Online from Jan. 25-27 will get five gold bars, which is a nice little bonus for doing nothing besides logging in.

As for the larger title update, the post mentions that it is planned for “the coming months,” and that more will be revealed as it gets closer to release.

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