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Resident Evil 2 Claire walkthrough Part 6: Parking Garage

Exploring the Morgue, Kennel, Firing Range, and the Elevator Controls Room

Resident Evil 2 Claire Police Station Parking Garage Capcom via Polygon

Let’s recap Resident Evil 2 so far. You’ve defeated G. You’ve rescued Sherry. You left the Underground Facility and reemerged the Police Station’s Parking Garage. In this guide, we’ll collect every item here, open every door (that we can), and escape the area through the elevator.

Police Station Parking Garage

All three doors are locked. Interact with the Card Reader to trigger a cutscene staring Police Chief Brian Irons. When it’s over, you’ll have a new objective.


The doors to the north and east are now unlocked.

The north door to the elevator

Take the north door (down a few steps), and pick up Raccoon Monthly, June Issue on the table and the Police Station B1 Map on the wall to the left of the table. The Diamond Door to the Elevator Controls Room is locked, and you can’t take the express elevator to the chief’s office, so it’s time to go through the other door.

Return to the parking garage and head through the east door, and take the first door on your left.

Firing Range

Collect the following:

  • Equipment Disposal Notice saying that you can open patrol car 7439 with its keyless entry buttons.
  • Tin Storage Box. Examine and rotate the yellow box in your inventory to receive the Car Key. (We’ll use that very soon.)
  • A Message from Mr. Raccoon, which is Resident Evil 2’s way of telling you to shoot any of these toys that you find.

There’s a Diamond Door to the north, which you can’t access yet. Enter the Firing Range and collect Flame Rounds x2. Shoot the Mr. Raccoon toy, and you’ll earn the Vermin Extermination Achievement/Trophy.

Backtrack to the Parking Garage.

Parking Garage

Open the patrol car trunk with the Car Key in Resident Evil 2 Capcom via Polygon

Examine and rotate the Car Key in your inventory, pressing the button when indicated. That’ll open the trunk of a patrol car. Look inside for the JMB Hp3 x 13, a new pistol with a large carrying capacity and a laser sight.

Head back through the door you just came through, and turn right taking the hallway down toward the Kennel and Morgue. Before you enter the Kennel door, keep walking straight to collect a Blue Herb.


There are two Lickers inside. Use your most powerful weapon to take them down. To your right, as soon as you enter, you’ll find High-Grade Gunpowder (White).

Kill them, and walk out the other side of the room.


The hallway to your right is a dead end (you’ll need an item for the Crank Handle Slot), so head to the Morgue.


Head into the morgue and turn left to read Autopsy Record No. 53477. Search the morgue body trays near the door to find a Red Herb and a Flash Grenade on a corpse. Search the other side to find the Diamond Key on a corpse that springs to life. So does that other corpse at the other side of the room.

Back to the elevator

Leave the Morgue, and head back to the Firing Range.

Beware of a third Licker in the hallway. If you’ve got powerful ammo, you can kill it. It’s worth killing to get past it and back into the Firing Range.

Back to the Firing Range

Open this door in the Firing Range after finding the Diamond Key Capcom via Polygon

Use your Diamond Key in the door inside, but beware of the two new cop zombies before the door.

Search the room for a Red Herb and Roll Film that becomes Film: “3F Locker” after you examine it. (This refers to the third floor locker in the Police Station, which we can’t get to yet.)

Now head back to the parking garage.

Elevator Controls Room

Head through the parking garage and open the door to the Elevator Controls Room using the Diamond Key.

Collect the Blue Herb, High-Grade Gunpowder (White), and the Shoulder Stock (GM 79). Combine that last item with your Grenade Launcher, and you’ll receive the Customizer Achievement/Trophy for customizing a weapon. Your upgraded weapon now takes up two inventory slots.

Interact with the switch to call the elevator. Take it up.

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