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Finally, a Bluetooth receiver for your classic Genesis

BYO Bluetooth controller, or get 8Bitdo’s M30 pad

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Two Retro Receivers on a classic Sega Mega Drive, paired with two of 8Bitdo’s new M30 controllers.

Last summer, 8Bitdo released a series of DIY kits to convert your controllers to wireless Bluetooth models. While the various Nintendo and Super Nintendo options could work with the original consoles thanks to the line of existing Retro Receivers, the company’s first Genesis controller was left without such a solution. Until now, that is.

The so-called Retro Receiver for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive is available for pre-order from Amazon today for $19.99, and ships on Feb. 28. While this will obviously enable use of any Bluetooth-modified DIY controllers, it will also let you play your Genesis with a host of other Bluetooth controllers, such as the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4, the Xbox One Bluetooth controller, and the Switch Pro controller. Another option is 8Bitdo’s M30 controller, which is also available for pre-order Monday for $29.99 (in black and white), and also shipping on Feb. 28.

The Retro Receiver for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive is compatible with a whole bunch of Bluetooth controllers

While the special bundle that will be available alongside Analogue’s upcoming Mega SG in April will couple an M30 with a Retro Receiver for just $24.99, it’s worth noting that these will be 2.4 GHz variants, as opposed to the more versatile Bluetooth option above. It’s also worth noting that Krikzz — the creator of the legendary Everdrive — makes a $65 2.4GHz bundle called Joyzz that is available now. The Bluetooth M30 will work with your Switch, your PC or Mac, or an Android phone, meaning there are a lot of Genesis game collections you could be playing with a familiar controller.

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