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Destiny 2: Valentine’s event Crimson Days leaked, offers exclusive bow

The dataminers are at it again, showing off potential rewards

Bungie via u/Ginsor

With Destiny 2’s recent patch, players have found images that suggest what this year’s Crimson Days (the Destiny universe’s Valentine’s Day stand-in) will be like.

The datamined image is from the in-game pop-up that’ll occur when players first log in. While it doesn’t show off all the cosmetics, it does reveal the event-exclusive bow. Called The Vow, this solar bow doesn’t look like it comes with random rolls, and has Rapid Hit and Archer’s Tempo instead — meaning it’s all about getting off as many arrows as possible.

The image suggests that players will be able to form a “Crimson Bond” with a friend. Doing activities with this player such as bounties and Crucible matches (likely a return of the Doubles two-player playlist) will earn resources that can be used to purchase new rewards.

The Vow can be purchased from Shaxx and comes at power level 650, the current maximum, which will be helpful for folks still trying to cap out before Joker’s Wild in March. Completing triumphs for the Crimson Days event will also grant players the Sugary Shell for their ghost.

Bungie recently pushed back the original date for Crimson Days. It’ll now run from Feb. 12 to Feb. 19. Bungie also stated that players will be able to earn rewards from last year’s event if they missed them. Crimson Days is free for all players, and doesn’t require Forsaken or the Annual Pass to participate.

Bungie via u/Ginsor

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