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Catherine PC port rated by ESRB

Looks like Atlus may have its first PC port ready to go

catherine_cover Atlus

A rating for a PC version of Catherine, Atlus’ 2011 romance/horror/puzzle game has surfaced on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board website, hinting that the game may soon come to a new platform.

The ESRB rating for Catherine follows a strange post from Sega on the Bayonetta product page on Steam. On Thursday, Sega posted an image of a sheep and the word “Baa” to that page, leading to speculation about a PC version of Catherine, as the game prominently features sheep. Playable anti-hero Vincent must climb endless, killer towers as he sleeps, all within a nightmare world inhabited by sheep.

Also, in December, the Australian Classification board rated a product named Catherine Classic, but did not specify platforms.

Meanwhile, a PS4 and Vita remaster of Catherine is in the works for later this year. It's called Catherine: Full Body, and includes several pieces of new content. The original Catherine was released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Update: Just after publication, Sega did the sheep-teaser thing again. This time, there’s a pack of the adorable woolly dudes on the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Steam page. Again, the only thing accompanying the image: “Baaaaaa.”

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