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Latest P.T. fan remake includes VR support

Unreal PT recreates the original game in its namesake engine

Unreal PT - dresser with lamp on it
A scene from Unreal PT.
Radius Gordello

Another fan-developed remake of P.T. was uploaded yesterday — this one built in the Unreal Engine and including virtual reality support.

Unreal PT culminates about nine months of work, which developer Radius Gordello charted on their Twitter account since the summer. Many, but not all, of the assets were recreated for the game, they said; iconic characters and object models were kept because they were so recognizable, and original sounds were also reused.

As for virtual reality, this seems to be an add-on; Radius Gordello notes that room-scale VR isn’t supported (“It works, but you will clip through objects if you start physically moving away from the center,”) and acknowledges that there may be nausea issues with using VR. But it is possible to complete the game using a VR display and the preferred input method.

This Twitch stream shows about an hour of Unreal PT in action:

Otherwise, the gameplay appears nearly identical to the 2014 original P.T., the stylish “playable teaser” for Hideo Kojima’s in-development Silent Hills project. But in 2015, publisher Konami scrapped Silent Hills and Kojima later left the company. P.T. was since removed from the PlayStation Store, meaning only those who have kept the free game on their consoles all this time may still play it.

Fans posting in Radius Gordello’s comments, of course, fret that Konami will quash this latest fan project, as it has to some recently. However, the latest one, which creator Artur Łączkowski released shortly after Halloween, remains available at But one the publisher did have taken down back in July at least resulted in an amicable meeting and, the fan developer said, an offer of an internship.

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