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Tony Hawk says ‘Skate Jam’ was in the works — but ...

Looney Tunes: Back in Action took it out of action

tony hawk skate jam
L-R: Martian, Devil, Hawk.
Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk tweeted a hell of an oh-by-the-way yesterday — there were plans to follow up Space Jam with something called Skate Jam. The premise should be obvious.

This would just be an amusing aside if not for the very real picture Hawk provided, because it looks like Warner Bros. was serious about this. That promotional flyer is from the premiere “Taz Atti-Tour,” the “only interactive youth culture festival series in the world,” according to this news release. Hawk was the headliner, with nine others from the world of skateboarding, BMX and rollerblading mentioned. According to Hawk, once Looney Tunes: Back in Action premiered (which was two years after this festival), Warner wanted him on the lot for Skate Jam.

Unfortunately for Hawk, Back in Action bombed. Domestically, it grossed $21 million. Space Jam? $90 million gross domestic. So this made Warner gunshy about doing another Looney Tunes/IRL team-up for, like, ever.

Space Jam of course, is coming back soon — this time with LeBron James and Ryan Coogler. So, assuming Warner Bros. doesn’t gunk it up and schedule a theatrical stinker starring Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman after that, maybe we’ll get our Tony Hawk/Bugs Bunny crossover at last.

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