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Mads Mikkelsen does the John Wick thing in the trailer for Netflix’s Polar

The comic book adaptation hits Jan. 25

It’s a big year for Mads Mikkelsen in icy terrain, as both Arctic and Netflix’s Polar see him stranded in the cold. The trailer for the latter, based on a webcomic and graphic novel series by Victor Santos, has just dropped, and features the kinds of colorful villains and outrageous weaponry that should keep fans of John Wick sated until the third installment in that franchise comes out later this year.

Mikkelsen stars as a former assassin known as the “Black Kaiser,” who, like John Wick, is settling into a relatively normal life until his past comes back to haunt him. A new generation of assassins (including Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick) comes to call, attempting to take him out as well as kidnapping his young neighbor (Vanessa Hudgens).

The film’s aesthetic seems to be a far cry from that of the comics, which were originally without any speech bubbles and rendered solely in black, white, and orange. Still, with an arsenal that includes a set of cannons tethered to lasers on the Black Kaiser’s hands, and a cast that also includes Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and Richard Dreyfuss, Polar seems set to be a (chilly) blast.

Polar premieres on Netflix on Jan. 25.

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